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How It Works

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This is my favorite idea I have ever developed for schools.
No hassles, no worries, and no extra work for the school. Read below!

- Paul Michalski, CEO PDM studios

How it works
Finally a no hassle solution for your spiritwear!

PDM studios wanted to develop a solution that would make school spiritwear fun and easy. We turned the old order forms and sorting into a complete online store. We took all the hassles and problems and turned them into something amazing, fun, and FREE for your school. We have listed the points here, and below are explanations.
Please call with any questions - 716.694.8337. Thank you.

What You Get


• Custom Designed Apparel.
• Custom Domain Name.
• Domain Hosting.
• Complete Online Store.
• Full Color Dynamic Postcards.
• PDM Online Apparel Designer.
• Peace of Mind.

Website Process


• Call PDM and Say Yes.
• Come Up With a Website Name.
• PDM Develops Merchandise.
• The Website Goes Live.
• Postcards Go Out.
• Orders are placed.

Fine Print


• This service is FREE.*
• No Contract to sign.*

What You Get
PDM studios offers you all this, at no extra cost to the school for the setup.

1) Custom designed apparel and merchandise sporting your school's logo and mascot. This may include but is not limited to shirts, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, towels, blankets, car decals, hats, and bags. All designed by PDM studios with your school spirit in mind. We can design both traditional designs, and also more trendy designs.

2) Any domain name that you want and is available, and you feel suits your school's spiritwear. Some examples would be:,, or - to name a few.
Any name you want, that is available, you get.

3) Domain hosting is included.

4) A Complete online store - a fully functional high-end online store featuring all items that PDM studios designs (free of charge - All of the designs will be copyrighted by PDM, so that no one else can produce the items without written consent from PDM studios).

5) Postcards to advertise the website's name - based on the number of students/families in your school. To help get the name of the site out, and drive traffic to it.

6) Peace of Mind. We handle all the orders! We handle all the money! We handle all the separating! We even bag the orders individually. We handle EVERYTHING from start to finish. All you need to do is say Yes.

You can your your spiritwear website for many things

1) Spread school spirit. Spread your school pride through all the different apparel choices and merchandise. The more options for people to choose from, the more school spirit will be floating around.

2) Fundraising - PDM studios can add a percentage on top of the cost of all of the items, or a specific item, and based on a predetermined payment schedule, PDM studios will pay the money raised on the fundraising price back to the school.

3) Bookstore - Use the website as a bookstore to help spread the spirit.

Website Process
From Start to Finish, PDM studios is there for you.

1) You call PDM studios and say Yes, I would like to have this amazing, absolutely free service.

2) We determine a website name.

3) PDM studios develops the merchandise designs.

4) The website goes live.

5) Postcards are made and given to the school.

6) For the first order, there will be an order by date. This date will be determined by both PDM studios and the school. It can be two weeks to a month. PDM studios will process the first bulk order, and begin to carry inventory for the items offered on the website. Orders thereafter will be processed on a predetermined schedule. We can take orders monthly, quarterly, or just two times a school year.

Order Process
You can view the live demo on this web page to get a good feel of the interation.

1) Customer enters the website address.

2) Customer sees items they like, and adds them to the cart.

3) Customer checks out and enters their information to create an account.

4) Customer chooses payment method, shipping method, and completes their order.

5) Depending on shipping method, the items are either mailed to their specified address, the customer picks up their items at PDM studios (if close enough), or PDM studios delivers the items/orders to the school's address, individually bagged and labeled per order per customer.
Payment methods may include check/money order, paypal, and credit card.

Fine Print / Costs
There really isn't any.

1) The website, designs, and service are FREE, provided that you go to PDM studios for all of the items on the website. We also ask that you please refer any school organization to PDM studios when they need to purchase apparel, signs, or banners. This is not mandatory, however it would be nice.

2) No contract to sign, however PDM studios owns all of the rights to the designs/items on the website. If for any reason you are unhappy with the service, you can terminate it by calling and letting us know. No one can use any designs developed by PDM studios without written consent. A fee may be established for purchase of the designs if this ever happens.