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Our Online Store Demo

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Live Online Store Demo

View Demo Here

Please view what your store will look like by clicking HERE.

• The store demo is totally functional, however we have disabled paying with credit card or paypal. On your school's store, these options will be enabled, and will be in the last steps of placing your order.

• The order you place on our demo store will not be processed, however, you will see the full interaction your students, alumni, and parents will see when they use the website to purchase your spiritwear.

• You will not be charged for purchases on our online demo. The payment option on our live demo will be COD. You will also see a few shipping options. In addition to the options listed, your live apparel site will have a post office choice enabled, so your customers can ship it to wherever they want.

• You will receive a confirmation email after you complete your order. This is what your customers will see.

Please use this demo to its fullest extent to see the complete interaction your customers will have. Thank you. Call today for your FREE online spiritwear website.
PDM studios - 716.694.8337.